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Quinceanera Videos

Key West HD Video strives to produce HD Quinceanera videos and Photography that are cherished for years to come.

Many clients have been overwhelmed at the quality of the Quinceanera and Sweet 16 videos at the price they have paid.

We now offer stunning HD quality to the Quinceanera and Sweet 16 videos as a package upgrade. If you are in need of a high quality Quinceanera Video and/or pictures, please contact us as we would love to help capture your day as it unfolds before your eyes.

Video para quinceañeras y bodas hispanas y bautizos en Key West,  videógrafo profesional bilingüe.

Entrance videos are played prior to the Quinceanera entering in to the reception. The short film can be about anything the client pleases

The waltz:

The quinceañera will have spent weeks, if not months, rehearsing the waltz that she and her court will perform at the reception. The event is often professionally choreographed and is considered one of the most important focal points of the reception.

The father-daughter dance:

Another highlight of the reception is the father-daughter dance which may occur as the first dance of the party, although that’s not a given. The dance is another symbol of the quinceañera’s transition to young adulthood by sharing the dance with the first man in her life.  It’s a very emotional part of the celebration that can reveal a lot about the relationship the quinceañera shares with her father.

The toasts:

Toasting (“brindis“) is another centerpiece activity at receptions and is a time where the parents extol their daughter’s merits and accomplishments.

The shoes and candles:

One tradition that I’ve not seen at any other type of event is the changing of the shoes in which one or both of the parents replaces the quince’s shoes with her first pair of high heels, again, symbolizing passage into adulthood. There may also be an elaborate candle lighting ceremony resembling those sometimes seen at bar and bat mitzvahs in the Jewish tradition in which friends and relatives may be called upon to light a candle in their honor.

The first (or last) doll:

This is another symbolic ceremony in which the parents present the quince with the first doll she was given as a young child, a symbol of her past. In some traditions it may be the last doll given to her. There’s a popular song often used for this ceremony called “La última muñeca” (the last doll) that talks about her ‘last toy’. In either case, it’s a special father-daughter moment symbolic of her transition into adulthood. The exact orchestration of this tradition can vary from the doll simply sitting on a table, to promenading around the dance floor with the doll in hand.

Mary’s Altar:

The quince’s prayer at Mary’s altar is one of the most sensitive moments of the mass, 

The more your event videographer knows about culturally unique traditions and how they’re orchestrated, the better his or her chances of successfully recording them.
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