Pre-construction and construction progress Video/Photos

Why Do I Need a Pre-Con Video?

When documenting a job site prior to the start of construction, a professional third party with experience and technical skills is essential in avoiding costly litigation. Having a properly documented job site with construction progress video and photography will enable you to resolve a dispute before it escalates to legal action.

The contractor is the one blamed and often is held responsible for damage that existed before construction. The best way to avoid unnecessary disputes and lost time is clear construction progress documentation using video and/or images.

Construction Progress Photography and Video

Detail the progress of your construction project at the start of each phase of construction. From breaking ground to interior finishing, Key West HD Video will document the important phases of your construction project. Documentary style video may be included to produce a creative marketing tool for your website and other social media outlets.

Pre-Construction Video & Photography as a Legal Defense

The best insurance policy you can have is a pre-construction video that details the conditions of the 
worksite and all access areas prior to construction. Construction progress photography will also act as a great defense if need be.

All videos are time and date stamped with clear  start/stop markers imbedded in the video that are crucial for any legal matter in any state. In most all cases, having  pre-construction and construction progress videos or photographs puts a quick stop to unfair legal action. If litigation is required you can count on our  team of professionals to appear as expert witnesses detailing the recording process.

Key West HD Video uses only state of the art equipment for every job. Your project will have a slew of multimedia options at your disposal. Every camera we use is HD. We have a range of options from Professional Sony Camcorders, Drones and GoPRO for under water Pool images - whichever best suits the job at hand. Our videos will be fully date and time stamped to establish a clear chronology of the project. We offer Stud Camera and Glide Camera capabilities and beautiful, crisp audio captured by professional Sony wireless mics.

Road Inspection Video & Photographs

Key West HD Video provides exceptional videos and photography detailing road conditions prior to the start of construction of pipelines for the booming natural gas industry and telecommunication companies laying cable. Our time and date stamped videos and images are broken down into Local, County, State, and Interstate highways and roads. Our detailed and easy to navigate hard drive files have saved our customers greatly during litigation involving repaving and other repairs to roadways.

The Advantages Construction Documentation

Pre-construction video and images are great for:

  • Tracking job progress

  • Road documentation videos

  • Pipeline construction

  • Drilling jobs

  • Any situation where you may want before and after documentation

The Details You Depend On

Your pre-construction video will clearly detail the conditions that exist prior to the start of your part of the job. Any pre-existing damage will be thoroughly documented and stored with an easy to find reference of all areas of video coverage. We can also take construction progress shots to document the process - once all work on the job site is complete we can come in for 
a post-construction inspection video.

Typical pre-construction video and photography will include:

  • Survey of property lines

  • Vocal narration of site conditions

  • Survey of surrounding infrastructure

  • Survey of existing surrounding structures

Your pre-construction video will be sent to you on a Flash drive or online for Download and a copy will be kept at our studio as a backup. We can also send you any video file via Google Drive for you to download should you need a quick reference and are not able to access your hard drive.

Get Started on Your Construction Video & Photography Project Today

To start pre-construction documentation services, we need a basic description of what we are expected to document. In most cases a company/contractor provides us with a map that details the area of construction, as well as travel routes company vehicles will be using to get from staging areas to the job site.

Though we are based in Key West FL, our service area is quite large (the South United States, and more!) and includes Florida, Georgia, South Carolina,North Carolina...

The Real Cost of Construction Video & Photography

Our price is based on a daily rate that includes a two person team of videographers. Our daily rate includes everything from video recording and photography to post-production editing, formatting, and delivery of the flash drives. Depending on the specific needs of the project our day rate is customizable. Once we have the basic details of the job, we provide a clear proposal with the exact cost.

You'll find that our rates are quite affordable in comparison to the price of fixing mistakes that weren't yours to begin with.

Whether you are a national construction giant or a local contractor, a well made pre-construction video can mean the difference between you getting paid for a job and you paying for a job! Contact Key West HD Video today or call us and see what we can do for you!




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